Our Management Team

Ebby Halliday's Executive Team is comprised of a seasoned group of Dallas realtors and other professionals bringing great talent and expertise to their position. This group shares a commitment to the principles and vision of our founder, Ebby Halliday, to provide preeminent service, offer the most comprehensive real estate services available anywhere, and uphold and adhere to the principles stated in the REALTORS® Code of Ethics and the Real Estate Laws by which we are governed.

Mary Frances Burleson
President & CEO

Betty Misko
Vice President, Designated Broker &
Director of Sales Offices

Ron Burgert
Chief Financial Officer

Randall Graham
Vice President &
Director of Marketing

Karen Greene
Vice President &
Director of Corporate Real Estate Services

David Patton

David Patton
Vice President &
Director of Communication & Research

Debbie Watson
Director of Career Development

Allen Johnson
Information Technology Manager

Sherry Adams

Sherry Adams, PHR
Director of Human Resources

Ebby Referral Associates Alumni Group

Babette Griffin
Property Management Home Leasing

Merry Shuck
Talent Recruitment Director